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Tea farmer Patrick Kaberia Muthaura shares his personal experience of Fairtrade in a powerful message about the difference it is making to people’s lives. And Michael Jary, Chair of the Fairtrade Foundation’s Board, reflects on the year that was.

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We worked on establishing living wage benchmarks in the banana sector, and supported thousands of migrant banana workers in the Dominican Republic to register for work permits and gain legal status.

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In 2015, UK Fairtrade banana sales increased by 5% in volume, generating around £8.2M in Fairtrade premium for farmers and workers

It’s been an important year for Fairtrade’s work on gender, including the launch of a new strategy. And women cocoa farmers in Côte d'Ivoire produced an emotive short film showing the reality of their lives and their hopes for the future.

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26% of Fairtrade farmers and workers are women

New ways of sourcing Fairtrade cocoa and cotton mean more sales for farmers – as Mars bars and Transport for London uniforms proved. And we imagined a world without chocolate in a deliciously inventive film.

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In 2015, UK Fairtrade cocoa sales increased by 5% in volume, generating an estimated £4.8M in Fairtrade Premium for farmers and workers

Climate change is a challenging reality for smallholder farmers. In 2015, Fairtrade took action to support them, developing a climate change strategy and launching the Fairtrade Climate Standard.

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In 2015, UK Fairtrade coffee sales increased by 11% in volume, generating an estimated £4.8M in Fairtrade Premium for farmers and workers

Fairtrade has been working with UK companies on projects with farmers in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Four projects were completed last year – find out how businesses and farmers benefited.

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Over 400 companies are licensed to use the Fairtrade mark on products in the UK

For many sugar cane farmers around the world, 2015 was a difficult year. That’s why we called on the public, politicians and businesses to stand by them, whether that was through campaigning or baking with Fairtrade sugar.

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In 2015, UK Fairtrade sugar sales decreased by 34% in volume, but still generated an estimated £3.8M in Fairtrade Premium for farmers and workers

We played an active role in setting living wage benchmarks for tea in Malawi and flowers in Ethiopia – just part of what we’re doing to make sure workers can provide a decent standard of living for them and their families.

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In 2015, UK Fairtrade tea sales increased by 6% in volume, generating an estimated £3.3M in Fairtrade Premium for farmers and workers

We called on campaigners to lobby their MPs on the Government’s approach to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and trade policy. And MPs took up our call in a major Parliamentary report.

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As a result of our Show Your Hand campaign, 10,000 people petitioned David Cameron

Campaigners and supporters across the UK showed their support for Fairtrade last year, including the 53,000 who pledged to eat a Fairtrade breakfast during Fairtrade Fortnight to support farmers to feed their families.

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617 communities in the UK with Fairtrade Town, City or County status, 8,222 Fairtrade churches and faith groups, 1,737 Schools and 177 Universities with Fairtrade Awards

Looking to the future, we set out a new five-year strategy in the UK to drive even more impact for farmers and workers, and invested time in planning Fairtrade’s global 2016–2020 plan for changing trade and changing lives.

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our strategy has four goals:
• Focus on impact
• make fairtrade personal
• improve and innovate
• strengthen our organisation

Income, expenditure, pie charts – get to know the figures behind Fairtrade.

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Thank you to all those who have donated money and time during 201516. Our work wouldn’t be possible without you.

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